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We are an Organization that has been, for more than forty years, devoted to helping mankind delve deeply within to discover their own divine truth, their own divine cosmic awareness. We have encouraged contemplation on right living, through such cherished notions as universal love, respect and gratitude for all others. For years we have offered information to stimulate thought on all of life’s questions:

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
How can I keep my sanity in a world seemingly gone mad?
What do I teach my children?
What about the old moral values?
What is the cosmic significance of these hard times?
How do I take care of my family in light of these intensities?

Now you must ask yourself…

Are you ready for Cosmic Awareness?

Are you among the few who are unafraid to question your own most cherished beliefs?

Are you among the few who can listen to beliefs and ideas of others which are in conflict with your own, not to find fault with these, but to examine them for the value they may have?

Are you among the few who can conceive of the possibility of a Universe which is itself a living, conscious Being that is aware of all of its parts, loves them all, and whose parts may change but never die?

Are you among the few who can imagine your soul to be a cell in the body of that Universal Being? A soul or cell that is the image of the Universal Creator, even as your own cells contain the DNA coded image of yourself?

Are you among the few who can conceive of the possibility that the Christ is a level of consciousness, a Cosmic Consciousness, Crystal Clear born of virgin purity, that spoke through the man Jesus, to tell the people the Way, Truth and Light to the Kingdom of Heaven within oneself?

Are you among the few who look beyond the teacher to the teachings, to study their value in your life?

Are you among the few who honor knowledge, regardless of the prophet who brings it?

Are you among the few who could read the messages from Cosmic Awareness and neither believe nor disbelieve, but use them to stimulate your thoughts and bring your own consciousness toward search and discovery for yourself?

If so, you are ready for Cosmic Awareness.

What we can offer…

Millennium Tree by Josephine Wall

Millennium Tree
by Josephine Wall

Here you will find more than forty years of channelings, brought to you through various interpreters, to help you on your journey of discovery and ascension. You will also find urgent updates from our current interpreter, as well as several free downloads equating to over a thousand printed pages. We only offer products and services that have been found particularly valuable, many of which we offer so they may be made available to those in need.

Most importantly though, we offer a community of souls who are searching, growing and striving to serve their fellow beings and live the truth they find within their own cosmic connection.

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  • Time Is Running Short! Please ACT NOW!

    Please Call, Email And Fax Your Member Of Congress
    The Senate passed CISA, S. 754 on Tuesday October 27th. The House's Equivalent Bill is PCNA, H.R. 1560, which passed back in April. These two "Monster Mass Surveillance posing as a 'Cybersecurity' Bills" now move to a House/Senate Conference Committee. That could happen as soon as THIS WEEK! If we have any hope of slowing down or stopping these Very Bad Bills from Become Law, we need as many people In The USA, to CALL THEIR MEMBER OF CONGRESS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  • The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light

    The Sudden Passing Of A Leading Light
    This year, we at CAC are very thankful for a 37 year-long association we have had with Robert Hanzel. Robert passed Oct 5, 2015 from a heart attack, and all of us in the CAC family will miss him dearly.
    This moment hopefully gives each of us an appreciation of how special and valuable each person in their life is. There is no guarantee we will see our best friend or loved one tomorrow. Each day is precious. Each day is a gift.... This Announcement Will Be Updated Frequently Over The Next Few Days! Please Check Back Often!
  • CAC Welcomes Michelle As Its Sole Interpreter

    On September 11, 2015 in an Australia-Olympia phone call, we mutually agreed that Will Berlinghof and CAC would part ways by the end of September 2015. Next to Paul Shockley's 25 year run, Will has been our next longest running interpreter. We thank him for his service, and we wish him well.
    CAC is highly enthused with Michelle's timely, invigorating, and fresh focus on Heart Intelligence, Sacred Geometry and the Divine Feminine. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with her that will greatly benefit CAC members and further CAC's mission to "Help People Become Aware".
    WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: All services for personal readings done in the past by Will will be done by Michelle, along with the addition of new services not available since the Paul Shockley era that she has allowed us to revive, specifically Trance Healings and extra energizing by name to Awareness in the Monthly Healings.
    VIKKI T's PERSPECTIVE: Having devoted the last 44 years to the work of getting Cosmic Awareness' messages to the world, I have personally worked with six interpreters. There is a pitfall inherent in the process of being an interpreter for Awareness—the trap of getting the hose confused with the water that is flowing through it. I've observed this in various forms with different interpreters. Will left when we could not call him “The Voice of Awareness”, and it was clear to me that it was necessary and appropriate to let him go his own way.
  • Cosmic Awareness Sessions With Michelle Available From CAC
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