A Meditation For The Heart

Heart Meditation

A Heart Meditation: CAC General Reading 11/27/2015,  Michelle,  Interpreter; V. Sharp, Questioner & Energizer

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Heart Meditation

This Awareness wishes to present an image to assist in the detachment process. This Awareness would suggest that you make yourself comfortable, either in a reclining position or a sitting position, allowing yourself to take deep breaths. At the end of each inhale, hold the breath for the count of three, and then five, and then nine, and release.

Repeat for another three breaths, holding at the top of each inhalation. At the first inhalation is a hold of three, at the second a hold of five, and at the third a hold of nine. Allow your breathing to continue in long and deep and slow breaths, allowing oneself to become aware and present with one’s own heartbeat.

Allow any thoughts that arise to simply flow past you, as though the thoughts were simply drifting down a river before you. Recognize that one’s heartbeat, one’s heart is your center. It is the point of one’s awareness. Allow yourself to experience the mind as being above, and you are resting gently within the heart, quietly, peacefully resting.

Become aware that while you sit within the heart there is also a channel of energy that runs up and down through the heart. It is breathing in and out, up and down, and the energy moves. Follow the energy up to the center of the brain to the pineal gland, like a periscope. From your heart, send love and thanks to the center of the brain.

This Awareness suggests witnessing this progression, observing the emotions and the feelings that occur — the physical sensations. Next, allow yourself to travel through the root chakra and through the bottom of your feet, even if inclined, into the earth itself, deep into the earth. You will perceive her heartbeat as well. Just as her heart beats, so does yours.

Witness this until your heartbeat and the earth’s heartbeat become the same beat. Offer your gratitude to the earth for anchoring you to her, so that you can walk upon the earth in a functional form. Allow yourself to receive her love, her support, her guidance, and her assurance. Allow it to well up through your feet into your knees and hips and intestines, rising up into your heart, moving up to the pineal gland, and up through the crown chakra, up and up to your soul.

This allows the formation of the axis upon which one operates to be formed consciously. This axis is a breathing living structure whose ability to function in a whole state is dependent upon one’s consciousness of it, and one’s willingness to maintain its structure and integrity.

Heart Meditation
Heart Meditation

If and when society/humanity lives without the veils and the heavy fog of the Controllers’ influence, these structures will maintain themselves easily, with very little effort. Until that time, maintaining these structures will require a great deal of effort, yet the maintaining of them is necessary in order for one to fully align oneself with the earth and with one’s ability to fully awaken.

This Awareness observes there will be many experiences of tingling sensations, or colors floating in front of one’s face as one experiences this opening and alignment. It is common when this alignment takes place to begin to feel like giggling, spontaneous emotions of laughter and joy taking place. This is all normal and to be expected.

This Awareness would encourage practicing this often, as it will allow oneself to begin the process of creating and maintaining the bubble effect. This Awareness would encourage maintaining an open mind through the communication with the heart, as the heart has a language all of its own that is separate and unique from that of the mind.

All of life is seeking communication and connection. It is an innate and intrinsic state that is in adherence to Universal Law. This is a first step in understanding detachment.

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