12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws

Extracted From A Personal Reading; April 21, 2016; Michelle, Interpreter

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The Law of Forgiveness

The Law of Forgiveness is that law which permeates the principles of Divine Feminine and Masculine, as they exist within duality. The Law of Forgiveness nullifies the structures of self-harm, creating alignment with Universal Law, and magnifies the impact of Grace and Love throughout all dimensions. In alignment with Universal Law, energy permeates all that has ever been and all that will ever be and all energy is sentient; thus the Law of Forgiveness is accurately directed toward one, or, all hearts. The Act of Forgiveness, in its highest form, accepts responsibility for all It experiences, transforming the geometries of guilt, fear, anger, bitterness into the geometries of Love, Grace, and Mercy.

This law is activated whenever an act of self-harm is inflicted and the Law of Love & the Law of Grace generate a field of synergy, which the Law of Forgiveness fills. The Act of Forgiveness is the Divine Union of duality and creates the Sacred Form of vesica piscis. The Law of Forgiveness becomes magnified as it expands beyond the field of synergy and as it is received by those attached to the soul of origin; it calls to action the Law of Attraction. This chain reaction is seen within the natural laws governing the movement of the oceans upon the surface of the planet.

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Forgiveness

The Law of Reflection

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Reflection

The Law of Reflection is that law which defines the function of Light as it interacts with the geometric structures and forms, and as they breathe and create a synergy of earth, soul and Life Force Energy, they attract, reflect, refract, and absorb the bio-photons and all wavelengths of light to create a manifest physical form.

This law is a foundation to the effortless experience of permanence in accordance with the passage of time. This law generates the space upon which the structures of time and space can adhere.

The Law of Revelation

The Law of Revelation anchors the soul into a body. It is the point through which the soul, earth, and Life Force Energy pass to become a highly charged and focused Point of Light. The spirit and structure of this law’s form is commonly known as Phi, the Golden Ratio.

It is a constellation law. One could say it is composed of trillions of tiny gears working in synchronicity; yet this Awareness wishes to remind you that these are living, breathing sentient beings. This law, and truly, all Universal Laws are sentient. They are breathing, responsive to the ebb and flow of Universal Energy. Likewise, they are responsive to the frequencies of love, hate, gratitude, joy, fear, and bitterness.

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Revelation

The Law of Connectedness

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Connectedness

The Law of Connectedness is the also the Law of Universal Language. It is this law that allows all of life to communicate, resonate and comprehend the heart of another. These interactions occur using the binary functions of the Law of Duality and the Law of Revelation. This law can be called upon whenever an entity seeks to communicate with another, regardless of species or dimension. This law operates along the paradigms created by the Law of Duality and the Law of Revelation, but its scope extends beyond the limitations created by time and space. This transcendence of application is the result of the highly charged and compressed power of the soul, earth, and Life Force Energies being contained within the web-like structures of the 3rd dimensional form.

The Law of Surrender

The Law of Surrender is that law that informs the soul of the incarnate construct’s ability to integrate, metabolize, and magnetize greater or lesser soul power or energy. This law directly influences the incarnate reflection of an entity’s Soul Form’s degree of incarnate ability.

This Awareness seeks to clarify; each soul entering a transient, temporal, finite and condensed form determines prior to entry, which strands of information/power will be ‘turned on’ within a particular period of transition through the aperture and lens of incarnation. This Awareness is indicating with these statements the specific areas the Controllers have altered humanity’s understanding so that the Foundation Laws are just slightly skewed within the core belief structures of the majority populations. This slightly shifted understanding allows them to siphon off Life Force Energies and soul energy and prevents these laws, and specifically, the Law of Surrender, from being accurately optimized for the benefit of Humanity’s evolution.

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Surrender

The Law of Surrender states: All Life Force Energies invested in a state of alignment with Universal and natural law through the act of concession of the mind/ego’s impetus will result in an ever-greater influx of Life Force Energies, soul, and earth energies into the structures generating the manifest transient form or body. This ever-greater induction of power and information into the transient form shall accordingly shift the DNA structures of the lens and aperture to allow for the inducement of further and exponential creation and descriptive knowledge.

The Law of Unity

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Unity
The Law of Unity is the law which recognizes no separateness, which ignores the appearance and the seemingness of separateness in the apparent divisions of polarities: gender, cause and effect, the part and the whole, the one and the many; but realizing these each are integrated parts of the total picture.

The Law of Unity identifies with the over-all viewpoint and sees neither night nor day, but the night/day process; neither right nor wrong, but the right/wrong process; neither pleasure nor pain, but the pleasure/pain process; neither the one nor the all, but the At-One-ment process of the All One Being, whose cells and souls work together even in the seemingness of division.

The Law of Unity acknowledges such division, but stresses the Oneness of the parts. The Law of Unity sees loss and gain, life and death as nothing but the spinning wheel of fortune that is based on the Law of Change, which is itself a unified process known as the Law of Magic.

The Law of Co-Creation

The Law of Co-Creation states that two working in co-creation have the power of four working individually; and one hundred and forty-four working in harmony can change the world. Wherein large groups of entities believe and agree on certain images as being real and being stable, this agreement holds the power of many times that number of energies, if individuals working separately held these energies.

Wherein groups of entities agree upon certain images, these images do tend to manifest and hold their being in a magnified manner.

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of Co-Creation

The Law of Magnetism (from the Law of Vibration)

Magnetism, the drawing of energy, decreases the vibratory rate while Radiance, the giving forth of energy, increases its vibratory rate. Wherein entities radiate ‘good’, those energies increase into higher frequencies and bring back ‘good’. Wherein entities send forth the selfish energies, those energies bring back, as magnets, the lower vibrational forces.

The Law of Duality

The Law of Duality is the act of segregation, separation, definition, union, and projection. It is this law, which generates through its breath the space into which the self becomes known. It is the aperture through which the Trinity (Soul /Life-Force/Earth) actively enters and becomes stabilized and conscious within structures of a dimensional life experience. This precipitates a fundamental understanding of the quality of life available for all choosing to enter this type of transition.

This Awareness is referring to these processes using very broad terminology for the purpose of acknowledging these laws pertain to all life forms, in all dimensions, throughout all time and space. As greater knowledge and alignment with the truth of these laws becomes common within the consciousness of humanity, a fine tuning and deepening of understanding will further refine these laws and their definitions. These are the laws which more advanced civilizations have come to deeply understand and apply within their expressions of science, resulting in successful teleportation, time travel, lifespans extending thousands of years, and rapid evolution of their entire soul family.

The Law of Duality

The Law of the Void/Vacuum

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: The Law of the Void/Vacuum

The Law of the Void/Vacuum states that all material forces of the universe abhor the vacuum and rush to fill each hole, opening, void, blank page, field of clarity, or empty moment with image, garbage, sound and fury, often signifying nothing so precious as the original voidness. This law states that space allows movement, and that when all space is filled the solidarity prevents further movement or growth. By reducing bit by bit the inappropriate and unnecessary aspects of one’s lifestyle, one can create the time, space, atmosphere and opportunities to move, grow, replenish and to rebuild on a more solid foundation. This law creates the spaces in which to place only the highest and only the best with the least amount of energy expense.

Law of Seeking

The Law of Seeking is that law which invokes the entire spectrum of light and a simultaneously hyper-focused beam of light. This law is a Foundation Law, one of 12 that anchors the physical body to the Earth. This Awareness indicates this law is active beyond the 3rd dimensional reality and within other dimensional states it serves as an anchoring structure as well. This Awareness indicates the Law of Seeking, as one of 12, is used in combination to anchor the soul and the prism water-based form to the planet. These laws will become available to membership through the seeking of the soul.

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: Law of Seeking

Law of Spirals/Seasons (from The Law of Correspondence)

12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws: Law of Spirals/Seasons

This Awareness indicates that for the present mind, this Awareness shall elaborate on the true meaning of The Law of Correspondence “As above, so below.” As it is above, so likewise there is a corresponding action below. As it is within, so likewise there is a corresponding action without. As it is in the past, so likewise there shall be a corresponding action in the future and in the present.

Yet these correspondences are not exact; they are distorted, likened unto a reflective mirror, which does not have a flat surface. This Awareness indicates that as the cycle of one level is in correspondence to the cycle of another level, so likewise the souls of one entity have a correspondence to the souls of humanity, which make up the cells of the body of this Awareness.

The act of energy breathing results in a toroidal expansion and contraction, which in turn creates the expression of the spiral, or seasons. This Awareness has likened this process to breathing, specifically because it is a dynamic function shared by all animated life forms throughout creation.

This Awareness indicates there is a difference between The Law of Correspondence and the Law of Spirals; this distinction lies in the process ruled over by each law. The Law of Correspondence defines the ‘how’ things are connected; and the Law of Spirals defines the act of movement created when energy breathes. This Awareness is calling attention to this differentiation at this time because this is a law currently skewed by the efforts of the Controllers.

These 12 New Cosmic Awareness Laws And Their Respective Spirit Structures Interact To Create A Web Of Density, Allowing The Combined Energies Of Soul, Earth, And Life Force To Collect, Commingle, And Interact.

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