An Exercise To Release The Hold Of The Controllers’ Programming

An Exercise To Release The Hold Of The Controllers' Programming

03/13/2016 3:13 PM Pacific Time: Michelle – Interpreter:

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This Awareness has requested the opportunity to become present at this time.

This Awareness suggests there is a window of time, during the passage into the equinox for a great opening of self-awareness to take place. This Awareness suggests a surrender be allowed within those available to receiving this message. This release will allow one to further claim their inner domain.

reality within the container created by the Controllers

This Awareness has presented the interpreter with information of the experience of reality within the container created by the Controllers. This container presents as a pleasant, always sunny, yet, slightly edgy environ. This place is the old world. This is the box which humanity is becoming aware of, and is preparing to shed.

This Awareness suggests reviewing 3-4 full length Disney movies to gain a sense of the feelings associated with the words provided here.

This Awareness suggests that after reviewing these films to take three deep breaths, bring the mind to a still blank screen. Observe what appears on the screen. Without judgment or understanding of what one sees, record these images. Repeat this process several times, but no more than 10. Allow yourself to deeply feel your heart, feel it beating and become your consciousness at that level; in tune with your heart.

An Exercise To Release The Hold Of The Controllers’ Programming

COMMAND: I Now SEE And WITNESS The Truth Of The Perceived Reality I Am Immersed Within!

This will create a breaking open of the shell created by the subliminal programming embedded within the movies watched.

This Awareness offers this exercise at this time to afford those available to this exercise at this time to experience the stark shift within their inner landscape. The breaking open as one commands ownership over their inner domain is a visceral experience. Yet, if one is not aware of what is happening it can easily be dismissed and the opportunity cast aside.

This Awareness suggests it is in the highest good of humanity to take the advantage of the magnifications of energy available during this window to give oneself the opportunity to clearly and significantly know what it FEELS like to posit such a command and have the forth coming revelation release the hold of Controllers programming.

This Is Now Complete

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