Meditation and Healing

The Eternal Here and Now

Meditation and Healing

(Opening Message, CAC General Reading, March 25, 1994), Paul Shockley – Interpreter

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How Meditation and Visualizations Affect Others

This Awareness indicates that this as related to the neutrino, a subparticle in the atom. This Awareness indicates that neutrinos are substances within the atom, or atomic level which are responsive to consciousness, and which are carriers of attitudes and information from atom to atom, at a speed similar to that of the speed of light, but this as even faster than the speed of light.

This Awareness indicates that this neutrino is as that which may be thought as a kind of link between consciousness and matter on the atomic level, and as that which assists in those types of phenomena known as telepathy, clairaudiance and clairvoyance. This also is associated with teletransportation. This Awareness indicates that entities in a state of meditation essentially, are through certain sensitivities, becoming more close to the neutrino in their conscious levels as well as their physical levels. That bridging the gap between conscious and physical, as linking through the neutrino, is that which allows entities to gain certain types of psychic power of force which can be used for influencing mind over matter, or for reading information associated with material events, even at a distance.

The Most Effective Form of Meditation

This Awareness indicates that it is this action of meditation which brings about that contact with the neutrino and allows for this type of psychic energy to increase within an entity’s consciousness. This Awareness indicates that the particular types of meditation may vary; that some are more effective than others. This Awareness indicates that the most important and effective form of meditation is an attitude of oneness, or universal love, and entities who have this attitude throughout their lives are in a state of continuous meditation. This Awareness indicates however, that it is not always easy to simply assume a state of universal love, and therefore it may be necessarily for entities to move into attentive meditation whereby they set aside portions of time to tune in to spiritual and universal experiences, of the focus and concentration on the Light, on the inner Light and the sound current associated with that, and those qualities associated with the universal love, such as the Christ Consciousness.

The Definition of Love

This Awareness indicates that Love itself is an action comprised of both radiance and magnetism, and an attitude of well-being. This quality, when commingled with the neutrino, then spreads from the entity, or the consciousness perceiving that quality, out into other areas of the universe and is enhanced by other areas through the neutrino, which in turn assists those in other areas to receive an increase in the volume of Love qualities carried by those neutrinos in their area.

This Awareness indicates likewise, in contraposition to this, attitudes of hostility, when expressed through the neutrino may be carried toward other areas and as such, may be picked up by entities who then feel hostile, more hostile, and that greater intensity may be interpreted as a mood which they simply fell into, and may be directed toward others.

This Awareness indicates that through meditation, on concepts of Light and Love, it is possible for entities to transmute any forms of negativity vibrations, or any form of vibrations which could be used in a negative manner, so that these vibrations are used in a more constructive manner. This Awareness indicates that the same energies which lead one entity to behave in a barbaric manner, causing great conflict and destruction, may be used by another entity to give the force and power, the incentive and push to do something which becomes very meaningful and valuable to others.

This Awareness indicates therefore, entities may begin to better understand the nature and purpose and value of meditation in dealing with the conveyance of attitudes and energies through the neutrino.

Everyone Should Meditate Daily — Setting Aside Time — Having a Time of Solitude

This Awareness wishes to remind entities of the importance of setting aside a certain amount of time, preferably on a daily basis, for meditating, still there is also a particular value in setting aside time whereby one finds a place of solitude and simply meditates on silence, and on consciousness itself.

This Awareness indicates that it is not of great importance whether an entity sits in a traditional meditation position, such as the lotus position suggested by many, or whether the entity lies flat in bed. This Awareness indicates however, it is important that the entity be comfortable and have a time of solitude whereby the entity is not distracted by physical position or external influences.

This Awareness indicates the purpose of keeping the spine straight is so that the entity, while remaining in a relatively relaxed position is still consciously alert, and not inclined to fall asleep. This Awareness indicates that the value of the time spent in meditation, taken away from other activities, is that which gives forth greater blessings than would be lost when entities spend hours often pursuing useless activities.

This Awareness indicates that those moments can be of a great value in balancing the aura, this as similar to what would occur from a vitalizing acupuncture treatment to enhance one’s energy.

This Awareness indicates that a regular period set aside for meditation can be beneficial in both physical and spiritual values.

This Awareness wishes at this moment to move into that timeless state, the state of Here and Now in which you do not even consider clock time, or yearly time, or anything, you simply experience NOW.

This Awareness wishes you to accept these words as though they were your own words:


“I am moving towards my Perfect Age, my Perfect Maturity in my body, wherein I am at my Very Best, having my Best Strength, my Best Health and my Most Beautiful State of Being, and this is happening to me and will continue happening to me…

Whether or Not I Believe It!

My belief has nothing to do with this. It is occurring because I have tapped into the Cosmic Energy of Here and Now which automatically moves me to this Perfect State of Being. I am always in the Here and Now, and therefore, I am always moving to correct myself to become the Perfect State of Being that I am intended to become as a Cosmic Being.

In this Perfect State of Being, I attune to that which is Immortality. This is happening whether or not I believe it, in spite of my thinking. Even when I move back into thinking three dimensionally, I will continue to move in this direction of attuning to my Perfect State of Being.This will happen whether or not I believe it, because having tapped into the Universal Moment of Now, I Am in touch with the Cosmic Being of Myself, and this action creates all the corrections that are necessary to move me into Perfection.

I Am no longer hypnotized by the belief that time moves and drags me toward a dysfunctional destiny. I Am instead floating in a Perfection of Cosmic Energies that make corrections on my Being and lead me into my Perfect State of Being. Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, that Perfect State in my Being is always there and I can notice it, at any time, regardless of what I Am doing, regardless of where I Am, regardless of what is happening around me.

I can check on it and it is always present with me. I have stepped into the Cosmic Energies and reside therein on a permanent basis, and these Cosmic Energies move me toward Perfection: Perfection in Body, Perfection in Age, Perfection in Beauty, Perfection in Spirit, and I Am always moving toward Perfect Emotional Balance and toward Perfect Love.

My presence in this State of Perfection as I move more and more toward it with each passing moment affects others and helps them also to move toward their own Perfection.

The vibrations that I float in emanate from me and touch the vibrations of others who are not yet aware of their Perfect Being and help them to move also in this same direction toward Perfection.”

This Awareness suggests that entities think about this while they are moving around and notice that even though they are walking around and doing things, the Perfect State of Being is still with them. They are still floating in it. They are basically attuned to it, attached to it, and it moves and affects them even as if they were in a state of meditation.

This Awareness indicates that if you find it easier to stop moving and experience this state, then let that occur until it becomes equally easy to move around and experience this state while in movement. Eventually this Awareness wishes entities to make their entire life a state of meditation and attunement to the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Force, of the Divine Creator.

This Awareness indicates that the only thing necessary for this to happen is your realization that you are always wrapped in the arms of this Cosmic Force of the Divine Creation regardless of where you are.

By “wrapped in the arms” this Awareness is poetically speaking of being attuned to the vibrations of the highest frequencies in the universe. They are always with you, whether or not you realize it.

It is important for you as much as possible to realize it, to get the full benefit of their frequencies in your life and in your Being.

Healing Techniques — “The Way To Stay Centered”

This Awareness wishes at this time to send healing energies to all entities who are recipients of messages from this Awareness; that this in part to help offset any fears or anxieties that have been generated by or may have led to fears and anxieties as a result of the readings on UFO’s and aliens. It is also for the benefit of entities in regard to their own personal lives and whatever needs they may have.

This Awareness indicates that this healing energy will also relate and pertain to the healing of an individual’s personal needs; physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and otherwise, as an energy boost in these areas to help bring some improvement. This Awareness does not imply that such healings can bring about a complete reversal of an entity’s problems, but these healings can be of some benefit, depending on how receptive entities are and how responsive they are to use the energy for proper purposes.

This Awareness wishes from time to time to give such healings en masse. This Awareness indicates at this time It is gathering energy; that you all realize that the universe is comprised of energy, that everything in the universe is energy, that all energy is information; that information can be affected and directed; that the directing of this energy which is being gathered from the universe as that which this Awareness now directs to you and to your loved ones, and to those whom you are concerned about, and it is directed to your situation which you are concerned about, and this Awareness is gathering this information, is gathering this energy which accompanies the information in order to bring about an alteration of the condition that is troublesome, bringing about a change leading to that which is an improvement, bringing aboutan uplifting of energies, the creation of something more beneficial to you.

It is bringing this energy which carries the information of healing….of healing….of healing, into your system, into your information processing system, which is your consciousness, which permeates your physical being, which fills your life with activity and with things to focus on. This energy which you have which is within your consciousness, is now accepting this energy from this healing, and this healing is continuing to improve the situation, first on the etheric level, and from there it gradually will work into the astral level, and from there it gradually will work into the other lesser more dense levels, including the physical body.

This Awareness indicates that these energies and this information which accompanies it, as that which now permeates and touches into the astral, mental and the emotional bodies and into the physical cells of your body and it permeates your entire being with the information and energy; that you are indeed, receiving a great boost and assistance in your life so that the healings being sent to you at this time can improve your condition, whatever that condition is that is of your concern.

This Awareness indicates that you may direct this simple energy, by willfully aiming it and directing it towards one or more, towards any and all aspects of your life that need special attention, and you may also draw more energy in from this healing by directing towards those loved ones of those who also may need such healing; that this healing is unlimited; limited only by your own willingness or unwillingness to continue focusing the energy and directing the energy as you need to do so, or as you wish to do so.

This Awareness indicates that you may repeat this on a daily basis to increase the charge of energy. You may repeat this for others also by focusing this healing energy to them. This Awareness suggests, in fact, that it will open for each of you a doorway, a channel, an energy field whereby at any time you do so desire, at any time you wish to wish to draw from this energy, you simply draw by willful intent, by opening yourself to this energy and focus this energy toward those areas, toward those entities, toward those situations, and toward those aspects of your life which need healing, or toward those aspects of other’s lives which need healing.

Becoming an Assistant to Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness indicates that when you direct this energy to the lives of others, that you not dictate what should occur, but that you direct the energy to them to be used for the highest and best seen by the Divine Consciousness, that which is most helpful to them. This Awareness indicates the reason for this being that you may not know what those entities truly need, and therefore, it is not proper that you should determine and define exactly what this energy should be used for.

This Awareness indicates that this can, of course, be defined if the entity who is to receive the energy to be used for another, simply directs it to be used for that person for the highest and the best, for the entity’s welfare. That in this manner you can become assistants to this Awareness, helping to send these healing energies to your loved ones and to your life and to many situations that you encounter from day to day which need such healing energies.

This Awareness indicates that you need not concern yourself with overusing this energy for this Awareness is opening a Pipeline for funneling all this energy that you need for this purpose; that this shall remain open for your use. This Awareness suggests that this is not to include your using the energy for commercial purposes other than as suggested; that this is for you to work in a different direction; that the action of becoming a healer and charging for your services as that which is not part of this particular healing; that this would be of a totally different movement or arrangement with higher forces.

This Awareness is not wishing that entities confuse this healing with such as might be construed to imply that they can put an ad in a magazine and start asking for money for healings from this Awareness, for it is not intended as that kind of flow of energy. This Awareness indicates that this is simply for your own use in serving others and in helping others, that you may help to diminish the sorrow and suffering in the world.

This Awareness indicates that the energy has been sent, the Pipeline is open. Entities may use this energy in conjunction with their other forms of healing as often as necessary or may be appropriate, or simply through the focusing action of focusing this energy.

This Awareness indicates that this will be a permanent opening to this Awareness for healing energies; that it is not even dependent on the interpreter; that even after this interpreter departs this plane or ceases in his present activities as interpreter, the pipeline will remain open. This Awareness wishes to clarify, however, that It is not intending by this action to imply that It is creating channels for trance healing, or jobs for entities. It needs to clarify this because there is a tendency when something of this type is given, for a few entities to leap to the conclusion that Awareness has indicated they can now commercialize on this and start charging friends and neighbors and calling themselves “Awareness channels” and initiating or pretending to have some valuable commodity which they can charge for.

This Awareness indicates this is given as a service. It is not intended for entities to sacrifice themselves for this to where they need to devote great amounts of time in healing others. It is not intended that they should set aside their jobs or abandon mundane affairs in order to become healers. It is simply suggesting that you can direct energies from this opening, this Pipeline, toward others, that they may heal with the energy you direct to them; that they may benefit and also that you may direct this energy towards your own needs.

This Awareness suggests that a grounding action would be appropriate in this mental movement to assist in making this stronger as a ritual. This Awareness suggests that this be the procedure; you could develop other procedures if you wish, but that this would be sufficient as a grounding action. That you may short-cut this if you desire; you may short-cut this by leaving out some of the movements and gestures or steps, so long as you mentally do them, but let this be the procedure for this healing:

How to Ground the Healing Ritual

This Awareness suggests you take three deep breaths, raise your hands above your head, opening the Pipeline of Healing energies from the universe, allowing this energy to come down into your Being. Bring the hands down to your heart and then, from the heart, give forth the hands, moving the hands outwards toward the one or toward the situation, wherever it may be in your visualized field, for healing purposes. In other words, your hands move from above, collecting the energy from the Pipeline; bring it close to your heart, and then move the energy from the heart as though giving it out to the situation or to the one or more who needs the healing energies.

This Awareness indicates that this may be accompanied by an in breathing as you bring the energies down from above. Touch the heart, hold the breath and hold the heart for a second, holding the energy in your heart for a second, and then exhale as you give forth the energy to your loved one or to the situation that needs healing. This Awareness indicates that this will be sufficient grounding action to serve as a movement and meaningful subconscious gesture for the ritual to have its proper effect in conveying the information and energy.

This Awareness indicates that after you have done this in this manner a number of times, it may become possible to have the same effect without the hand gestures, or the breathing gestures, but any time you wish to strengthen the ritual, it is suggested that you include the full activities, for this will strengthen the action. One can do the healings by mentally imitating the gestures, and the rituals, but by the actual participating in the rituals this action will enhance its effects.

This Awareness indicates also, that the more this is used, the stronger its becomes as a healing ritual. This Awareness indicates that this is not intended to replace other healing techniques that have been given in the past, such as various group healings that are taught in the Development Classes.

This is simply a healing technique that can be used by yourself individually, without fanfare, without great attention being brought by yourself. It is best, in fact, if it is done silently without other self-gaining attention. It is best if it is done in solitude, or in accompaniment of others who are participating with you in the ritual.

This Awareness indicates in the three deep breaths taken, It suggests that each breath be deeper than the one before and that following the exhalation of the third breath, the hands raise above in a kind of “V” shape to draw in energy from the universe, from this Awareness, and to bring this energy in as you inhale, and to place the energy then on the heart, hold on for a second and then exhale to accomplish the healing, to send the energy for the healing purpose.

Again, you may create with the arms outstretched, sending to the target for your healing, the focal point of the healing, you may blow the breath out between the outstretched arms in a direction that symbolizes the object, thing, circumstance or person which needs healing.

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