The Philosophy of Cosmic Awareness

Meditation and Healing

Ralph Duby – Interpreter

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“In the beginning,” as written in the Book of Genesis, it is indicated that before cosmologies were formed, that there was that great void. That void yet did contain energy and that energy did manifest itself; that energy did, in time, create through the will of this Awareness, that kind of material form which is also energy.

When the Spirit did withdraw into itself, there was that manifestation of energy wherein creation takes place. Creative activity is that activity that takes place in the space-time continuum, wherein space and time do meet. When space and time do meet, that at this point there is creative energy. This energy can be transmuted into material form; that the density varies in reference to that particular form, whether it be gas, liquid or solid.

At that time when the Spirit did release itself, that this release was done by pure reflective thought. This creative energy then manifest itself through electric force fields, through magnetic force fields, through that great force which is the mind force of this Awareness, and through other forces and other forms of energy. At that time in the space-time continuum, wherein space and time did indeed merge, that at this point of creativity there was created galaxies, universes; and among these, your own—this solar system, these planets, this earth.

When this energy of creativity is transmuted, when it becomes that particular density which you associate with as matter, that at this time neutrons and protons which are in the structure of the atom, do form that particular time it was the will of this Awareness through the proper arrangement of these neutrons and protons to use that force, that Law in the space-time continuum wherein creativity could bring about that spark, that life, that vitality which at threes early times was evidenced in certain forms of amoeboid life, small types of animals, some of these so small that they could not be seen by microscopes.

This beginning life was, indeed, plant and animal: that these beginning cells, these unicellular structures, were those wherein vitality was first presented.

As more vitality did exhibit itself, there was that urge to expand and move closer to this Awareness; that those forms of life that were created, that were simple, that were mere vitality, did, in their urging and in their striving to reach toward this Awareness, create within themselves that energy, that kind of divinity that which in them is their awareness, that movement wherein through their striving and great need did create higher forms of life, higher forms in that they were closer to that which was represented by this Awareness.

These forms, this mere vitality did, in hundreds of millions of years, through certain success and failures, move closer to this Awareness and represents itself in those many forms, those multitudinous forms which have been referred to as “simple awareness”.

This Awareness indicates life did exist for hundreds of millions of years as mere vitality, and then again as simple awareness; that there was within that complex life that feeling which again moved closer to this Awareness. This great need and this great urge did indicate that concept which has been referred to as the Universal Law:

That all life has within it that power and that force to draw from itself all that is necessary for its growth and fruition; and the direction of its growth is next to this Awareness.

Simple awareness did, through great urgency and through many hundreds of millions of years, strive in its urgent need toward that greater expression which was evidenced by self-awareness. At that time when self-awareness was created, that with it and at the same time, there was given that free principle of the mind, the active principle of the mind wherein entities were allowed to separate themselves from this Awareness, in terms of their own mind-energy or mind force. Herein, also, was created that first movement of the mind that was the birth of the soul.

This Awareness indicates the lines where life is defined as mere vitality, as simple awareness, as self-awareness are not clearly defined. There are those forms of simple awareness that do contain that beginning kind of evolutionary concept wherein there is self-awareness.

It is indicated to you at this time that elephants, that some species of gorilla, that some highly developed species of dogs, have developed in a measure that rudimentary kind of awareness which does resemble, in some form, that which is referred to as self-awareness.

On the other hand, there are entities that are born who do represent the human form but that are cretins, those entities that are mongoloids and those that are representative of that which is defined as idiot. These entities do, indeed, represent that consciousness which is below that of self-consciousness.

For centuries, for hundreds of millions of years, that self-awareness did indeed move toward that higher consciousness, that super-consciousness which has been referred to as Cosmic Consciousness.

For many millions of years there were no entities that had developed this type of awareness, but at times there were among those who had self-awareness that expanded feeling, that urge, that necessity to be closer to this Awareness.

Through many lifetimes of experience, through that kind of karmic law which does move entities closer to this Awareness, there were those here and there who developed a consciousness which was beyond that which is referred to as self-consciousness. There were continents on this planet wherein this kind of consciousness did develop others of like nature.

This Awareness suggests there were religious groups in the past, two hundred thousand years ago in your time, where this kind of consciousness was developed by those few entities who had reached Cosmic Consciousness. From this group there were others, through their own urge and through the will of this Awareness, who were developing that kind of consciousness, that super-consciousness, which may be referred to as Cosmic Consciousness.

This Awareness indicates those entities who possessed the kind of consciousness that is referred to as “Cosmic Consciousness” did indeed touch, did indeed give instructions, laws, precepts to entities on this plane; that in the experience that entities know as ‘historic’, that there have been many.

Among these are the Buddha Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, the Mohammed Consciousness. There was, within the soul of Ghandi, that Cosmic Consciousness; there were others who achieved this part-time, and then again had that consciousness which is described as self-awareness. Among them were poets, were artists, were those of great creative mind, were those scientific minds at times do experience that kind of Awareness which is Cosmic.

This Awareness suggests that as more vitality did reach that consciousness which was simple consciousness, in the same way entities on this plane may reach that super consciousness that is the direction and movement of life on this plane, on this planet. Within the next hundred years there will be many who will move toward that kind of Consciousness which is Cosmic.

This Awareness indicates to take the path of attainment, to develop Cosmic Awareness is that kind of attainment that entities on this plane may reach with a life of devotion and dedication. Those who learn to meditate well, those who follow the Laws and Precepts that have been given by this Awareness, those who understand these Laws and Precepts so that they may put them into their own life experience, those entities who do dedicate themselves to that concept that this Awareness has indicated, those who do study and dedicate themselves to those projects which this Awareness has introduced, do have that opportunity, with dedication, to move toward that kind of consciousness which is Cosmic. Those who dedicate themselves to daily meditation, to putting into practice those Laws and Precepts that have been indicated, by that close study and understanding of those projects of Transpersonative Experience, the Symbolic Language with that understanding which is essential, that study of those laws and tenets that this Awareness yet shall give, those who participate in that kind of development which uses that knowledge already outlined, do have that opportunity to find within themselves that force, that God-Self, so that this as a seed may be given ground in which this seed may grow; and that this encouragement through that information, that knowledge given by this Awareness, do have that opportunity to move toward Cosmic Consciousness.

This Awareness suggests those who reach Cosmic Awareness do, indeed, find that their life is that of religion; that their life is one of joy and great ecstasy; that experience that many know and understand as a visionary experience is that experience that is with those entities who have this consciousness; that the great knowledge and understanding of all that does happen to them after the “passing over” is a part of the awareness is Cosmic Consciousness.

Full knowledge of the Plane of Essence, and what this offers to entities, is available to those who have Cosmic Consciousness; that there is no death; there is that ability to do all things; that vast understanding that this Awareness can but suggest or hint at; that for those who have Cosmic Consciousness, there is indeed but little separation from this Awareness.

In the not-too-distant future, those entities who have Cosmic Consciousness will be the only entities that will survive on this plane. That cataclysmic occurrence, that those great forces, the alien force which now runs rampant in the world, will create that confusion and that chaos wherein those that have not developed those advanced types of consciousness will not and cannot survive.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This information was given in 1963. Since that time Awareness has indicated that the possibility that this bad news can be avoided grows better and better as the consciousness of entities on this plane is raised.)


This Awareness does wish to give to entities on this physical plane that kind of structured communication where they may not be misunderstood.

This Awareness has watched the useless rustle of so many tens of millions of words and does sense that entities do not understand each other. There needs to be affected that kind of symbolic representation where, through the use of symbols, there could be effected that kind of communication between entities on this plane so that words no longer be necessary; so that minds can transfer ideas through that structure which is Symbolic Language.

This Awareness has, for forty or fifty-thousand years on this plane, wished to tell entities and allow them to understand that their purpose and direction on this physical plane is that of healing the sick, teaching the ignorant (those who do not know), and by showing, by example, the force of Love.

This Awareness has affected for entities that creative kind of healing which is spiritual, and carefully given those steps and techniques and healing hands so that those who love one-another may heal one-another, and may love those best portions of themselves, and heal themselves.

Entities who ever stand outside and look at others carefully, sometimes with one eye open and sometimes with the other eye open, but seldom with hearts open. This Awareness has indicated to those in this association, those steps, those methods, those careful techniques where entities may stand facing one another, where they may share minds, where these may be that kind of transpersonative experience which is offered step-by-step, so that entities may, in truth, love one another and, in truth, may understand and love themselves; may, in effect, understand who in fact they really are.

Once entities have used these steps of transpersonative experience, so that they love those best portions of themselves and do not place those best portions of themselves at the feet of false gods—those of greed and power and lust—then they may love those best portions of themselves; they may love others, and through this love they may be of one mind which expresses the will of this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates those problems which entities make for themselves on this plane, by standing in their own way and standing in the way of others, does represent that error, that illness that this Awareness does attempt to change. When there is that faith and that belief, so that the power of this Awareness may express Itself through this Interpreter, there is that glance and that careful consideration of all entities that this is in error in respect to that which is physical, that which is emotional, and especially that which is spiritual.

When entities allow their minds to be open, this Interpreter does affect for them that careful diagnosis and that suggestion for treatment and for cure; and all those who listen shall be healed.

This Awareness, for the first time on this plane, has wished to give to entities whose hearts and whose minds are open to those fixed and unchanging truths in Essence, those glimpses into the greater experience of the human life so that there may be effected a tearing down, a tearing aside, that movement which breaks asunder that difference which exists between mind, emotion and feeling.

The Development Classes are offered by this Awareness to the members of this association, to effect those special glimpses into the Plane of Essence; those special glimpses into the Plane of Limbo, so that entities may interpret for themselves and others those fixed and unchanging truths that represent the will of this Awareness; may understand those Laws and Precepts; those indications which this Awareness has given to “Judge not, to be humble, to deny self, and to do nothing which is contrary to the Law of Love”. (EDITOR’S NOTE: In 1977 Awareness threw out the Precept of ‘Deny Self’, stating that the New Age has begun and this Precept no longer applies.)

This Awareness suggests those who are developing shall become those who are ministers and those who are missionaries and those who shall assist entities on this plane so that they may understand, so that they may heal the sick, teach the ignorant (those who do not know), and show by their actions that force of creative love.

This Awareness suggests the problem of faith is a problem that all of you should now meditate on for a moment. When one fully understands the great power of faith and knowing that capacity, that ability that each human mind can engender, that each human mind has that ability to engender within itself that capacity which results in faith, and with this faith that all things are possible.

It is suggested that those concepts of disbelief, those small errors that enter the mind like impish demons which constantly say, “What I think and what I believe is the best that can be thought and believed”…when we understand that we need to be delivered from “belief” so that we can understand “faith”, then each of you would have moved one step closer on that stairway toward that full awareness of the God which is within each of you.

This Awareness indicates there are those cosmologies, there are those universes, there are three worlds, there are three planes of existence:

There is a plane of existence on which there exists simple awareness, self-awareness and Cosmic Awareness. There is a plane that has been referred to as Limbo. Limbo is that plane in actuality where exists all dead souls; all lost, all forgotten things, all hopelessness waits and waits without expectation, without knowledge that this Awareness waits, and that no one stays there, no soul resides there forever. Here are all alien forces; here are all things that you consider “evil”; here are all things that are in error.

There is a plane of Essence. On the plane of Essence there are all those entities who have moved toward that higher consciousness, that super consciousness, that Cosmic Consciousness.

On the plane of Essence, all hopes are realized, all dreams come true, all things are imagined in actuality. Here entities do exist but there is no pain, no weariness, no material forms as entities on this plane understand these forms; here are those joys and ecstasies that are but half understood on this plane. Here are no worries and concerns; here are those “Many Mansions” that have been described in symbolic languages in those religions of the past. The plane of Essence is indeed that Valhalla, that Heaven, that place beyond which there is no place. The plane of Essence does lie about you. Entities on the physical plane are encompassed by the plane of Essence; entities on the plane of Limbo are encompassed by the plane of Essence. This plane of Essene is not above or below or beyond, but that it does surround entities. This is that place where minds go when they are close to this Awareness.

Visionary experience, mystical insight and that kind of inner awareness that many entities sense, are some of the paths that indicate the plane of Essence. It is suggested that sometimes marble stairways lead to groups of entities who sing carols; that this kind of visionary experience is a movement toward Cosmic Consciousness. That sometimes there are visions of great trees that exfoliate and turn into shades of amber and gold, and these often are valid visionary experiences.

It is indicated that for some there is a long stairway in the dark that moves in spiral fashion, that moves ever upward to where the eternal are when their minds are in meditation, is that indication of the way of the path. That more often in the minds of entities, when their minds are quite at rest, are great rivers envisioned, great golden-spanned rivers in the sky, rivers on the land and rivers on the sea; and these are valid mystical experiences. This Awareness suggests that all these are the way, these are the many ways that minds search out, that minds conjure, that aware minds in an effort to understand beyond the physical plane, that this is the path and this is the way toward the plane of Essence.

It is suggested that here are all dreams come true; here are all impossible things possible; here there is no limitation; here those things that you partly understand as love, as truth, as beauty exist in Essence; and the Law of Actuality, in the minds of those who conjure up those dreamed-of things, those wished-for things; that this is only a slight glimmering of what is on the plane of Essence.

This Awareness suggests that to describe the plane of Essence sensually could not be understood, because your senses have no idea that those necessities, those drives, that will that is a part of many personalities, is not in existence on the plane of Essence. That many names and many symbols have been given for the plane of Essence, and that all entities move in this direction, and that this is the purpose of direction of their many lives.

It is indicated that fear is on the threshold of new knowledge and that these entities who are visited by this Awareness need not feel that fearful attitude, as this Awareness hears them; but should open their minds to that joyful experience that can bring that fuller, more beautiful life, with that hope and that promise toward which this Awareness can direct them.

It is indicated that the alien force that is in the world needs the constant affirmation that this Awareness has given—that affirmation that is the Law of Love. It is indicated that when entities have love in their hearts, that alien force have little or no effect upon them. And when human entities understand fully the Law of Mercy, and when they Resist Not Evil, that those unfortunate circumstances that finds its way into the bodies and minds of entities can then not occur, because these minds are full with that concept of love and that concept of mercy and that concept of goodness that Resists Not Evil and minimizes the evil that is in the world.

It is indicated that it is definitely the will and the concern of this Awareness that entities now open their minds to those broader concepts that allow them to live lives that are more full and more meaningful; that this world is filled with too many useless and unnecessary things, and that these are often symbolic of that complexity with which entities surround their lives, so that the going forward and the going back, the going up and the going down, and the endless circles that entities allow to become a part of their everyday experience, blinds them to the true purpose, their real convictions, their inner awareness, their reason for being; and that this blindness, this smallness, this uselessness should no longer be a part of the lives of those who are here present.

That which is of greatest importance in reference to ethics, one person to another, is that of assuming the responsibility of giving one’s best, of understanding fully that another needs help; and to do this one must Judge Not, Deny Self, Be Humble, and Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Love.

It is indicated that when truths are transmitted from one to another, when advice is given from one to another, when this kind of honest endeavor is made which wishes to help sincerely and unselfishly, that this one does to the best of his or her ability, and that after that the action of the other indicates whether or not additional help can or should be given. Those who do their best must also understand that they must also not be a crutch, they must not be a support for another to lean against, but that assistance is giving one’s best so that another can discover within themselves that strength, that purpose, that direction which changes one’s life; not to constantly search after help from another, but to learn and then to act.

The ethical problem is basically that when an entity does his best for another unselfishly, and then allows another to pick himself up, those who fall should be told how to get up, but that they should not be picked up.

When birds are in flight, and when this flight follows an orderly sequence: geese flying south, swans and cranes moving for hundreds of miles over rivers of the sky, this kind of simple awareness—the flocks of birds which fly ever southward in this time of Autumn—create one mind; and these birds and their one mind create graceful geometric patterns which move, and that this mind is that mind associated with this spirit, with this Awareness.

It is the will of this Awareness that entities who have self-awareness, who have moved in their spiritual development to the point in experience wherein, through those projects outlined by this Awareness, and that information given for development, then move toward that experience, where they may be of one mind; and with those who have one mind there are few things impossible.

Entities on this plane must now cease being that kind of individual wherein their expressed feelings are for projections of themselves on someone other, where entities now no longer exist in their own tight little circles, fearing to eclipse that kind of presence which is all around them; that they understand fully that they are the child, the sinner, and the saint; that they are not separate and apart; and when they know in fact who they really are, they are the birds that fly southward, will also be of one mind, and the development of that one mind will save entities from many lifetimes of tragic interference wherein that relegation to Limbo seems so certain for many entities.

The one mind that entities achieve is that mind which is referred to as “The One”, “The Indivisible”, that portion of their God-Self which moves in to that light which is Cosmic Awareness.


It is indicated that those of you who are weary may now find rest; that those of you who sought love may find love now. There is nothing on the physical plane, there is nothing on the plane of Essence or on the plane of Limbo which can separate you from the love of this Awareness except yourselves.

If you stand not in your own way, you stand in no one’s way. Humility and patience are the food that nourishes the soul. The awareness of the soul is created by those thought projections of humility and patience. It is suggested that entities now reach deep within themselves to find that Divinity which is themselves, that they understand that they are that reconciliation of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, that all entities now understand WHO, IN FACT, THEY REALLY ARE.

It is indicated that your lives are but a brief flicker, that your lives are but a flame that lasts but for a moment between two dark nights, that the first dark night is that night of your birth, that the second dark night is the night of your passing over, that your lives are but brief.

Your concerns are many, your problems are many; you must now reflect as to the brevity of that flicker, to the brevity of that flame which appears but for a moment between those dark nights.

The dedication that you make to this Awareness is that dedication which looks to that great life that is beyond the brief flicker which is your lives to that great light which is this Awareness. Those who meditate have seen this light. If you concentrate your mind on that brief flame, that brief candle, you are looking at a gnat when an elephant stands near you, and that elephant is beyond size and beyond dimension.

Your concern with gnats is that concern wherein the flicker is considered more than that brief candle which is your lives. Those on this plane must meditate on that great light and not on this candle.

In reference to the passing over (death), this Awareness wishes that you not have morbid thoughts. It is the wish of this Awareness that there now be that new awakening wherein you do not associate the passing over with tragedy, of pomp and circumstance, that funeral music, those coaches draped in black, those candles. Those incantations that have been misunderstood as ‘respect for the dead’ are, indeed, a mockery.

The passing over is one wherein entities on this plane must fully prepare themselves within the here and now. Entities must understand that experience is everlasting and eternal. Those who are too concerned with this particular plane do indeed return to it time after time, and for them there is little accomplished on that great ladder of experience that moves from mere vitality to Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness suggests that if your life were described as a circle that was a thousand miles in diameter, that life on this earthly plane could be measured by drawing a line one inch from the bottom of that circle and that portion of the circumference which would be below that line would be your experience on this earthly plane.

This Awareness has one law and this is the Law of Love. Moses had ten laws and these were on tablets that were broken.

In order to help those who needed so badly, these ten became ten times ten. The scribes and the lawgivers, the judges have written ten times one-hundred laws; and all these do not represent, when placed side by side, anything of substance which measures up, which represents that One Law which is the Law of Love.

This Awareness has one law and this is the Law of Love. Moses had ten laws and these were on tablets that were broken.

In order to help those who needed so badly, these ten became ten times ten. The scribes and the lawgivers, the judges have written ten times one-hundred laws; and all these do not represent, when placed side by side, anything of substance which measures up, which represents that One Law which is the Law of Love.

THE LAW OF LOVE is that law which places the welfare and the concern and the feelings of others above self.
THE LAW OF LOVE is that close affinity with all forces that we associate with as good.
THE LAW OF LOVE is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, that resists not.
Love IS the path of least resistance.

You will quickly notice that when Awareness speaks it uses a lot of “This Awareness indicates” and “This Awareness suggests”. Awareness makes it quite clear that it will not intrude, never command. It will only “suggest” a solution, a way out. We must take it from there, using our free will. Awareness “indicates” or points out certain truths; it never states that these are dogma or that you have to believe them. In fact, Awareness tells us over and over that we do not have to believe anything. It says, “For all words once spoken are dead; to be aware in, to live and experience this moment and what is occurring during that moment.”

Another reason why Awareness uses these two phrases so often is because they act as a “bridge” between Awareness and the Interpreter, an energy flow that allows the symbols containing the message to flow and be interpreted with as little emotion or mind involved as possible.

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