Free Materials

Free Meditations from Cosmic Awareness...

meditation natureThe Cord Cutting Meditation
A meditation to assist with the release of negative influences upon ones life.

Meditation and Healing
A guide to the techniques of meditation and self-healing.

Wrap Yourself in White Light
Meditations for protection of yourself, your loved ones, the home and the planet.

Free Information...

The Philosophy of Cosmic Awareness
An overview of the philosophy in Cosmic Awareness' own words.

The Cosmic Metaphysics Course
An in depth view of where our world comes from. (48 pages PDF)

Sharing Favors in Lieu of Money
How to survive a plummeting economy and get to know your neighbors.

The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness
A booklet regarding the Cosmic Laws. (104 pages

Cosmic Awareness Speaks
A booklet to introduce one to Cosmic Awareness in depth. (118 pages PDF)


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